Our Approach

GIFT is delivering on our mission to inspire girls and prevent the development of gender bias in several ways:

1. School Speaker Series – Quarterly, free, live-streamed speaker series for elementary schools nationwide to introduce, popularize and normalize powerful and accomplished women across a spectrum of disciplines. Speakers are chosen for their motivational and educational potential for our audience and will come from Entertainment, STEAM, Academia, Sports, Government, Media and others. Examples of potential speakers are Nobel Prize winners, Olympic Medalists, prominent figures from government or popular culture, philanthropists and similarly accomplished individuals. These events are for boys and girls.

Inspire children to strive for lofty goals; Reduce the development of gender bias in children ages 5-11

2. Live Events for Girls – GIFT will sponsor quarterly, on-location events to inspire young girls through interaction with high profile and/or visionary individuals. In this forum, the presenter will share inspirational aspects of her journey, invite questions from the GIFT membership and lead professional demonstrations, studio, university and key location visits. In person attendance will be determined by venue size with wider audience participation included via interactive live-streaming to the GIFT website.

Inspire girls to achieve their full potential

3. Education & Follow-up – The GIFT children’s website is poised to be an educational portal for girls to learn more about GIFT speakers and accomplished women throughout history. Age-appropriate materials will also be provided for exploration of industry related content in support of events.

Educate girls about strong, successful women – past and present

Shonda Rhimes

“Making it through the ceiling to the other side was simply running on a
path created by every other woman’s footprints.”

Shonda Rhimes

School Speaker Series: More info coming soon.

Live Events for Girls: More info coming soon.

Education & Follow-up: More info coming soon.

GIFT Needs You!

GIFT will only be successful if you get involved. We are establishing our event schedule for the remainder of 2018 and have exciting things in store for girls across the United States. We are reaching out to role models, speakers, schools and donors to connect with as many girls as possible. Your skills are valuable! Help us or share us with someone who will:

• Do you know someone incredibly inspiring? Tell us her story!
Get your elementary school involved in our program
• Volunteer
• Donate